The Peter Emmett Story - 1983

Notes: This album was intended to be a comeback vehicle for Sonny Geraci, onetime member of the 60's Cleveland group The Outsiders and also of the early 70's group Climax which had a hit with the song "Precious and Few". Sonny, assuming the name Peter Emmett, was accompanied in the studio by the original line-up of The Cruisers (minus Donnie Iris) to play on this album. Although the back album cover includes pictures of the Akron based band called North Coast, these other musicians (from left to right coinciding with their pictures: Chris Kafka, Terry Manfredi, Dave Garlic, and founder - Billy Smith) were not involved with the recording of the album.  Later,  they did join forces with Sonny, get signed to MCA, and continued to tour and promote the album regionally.

Interestingly, the Mark Avsec penned tune "She Don't Know Me" was later re-recorded by none other than
Bon Jovi and included on their debut